Pacific Ocean Decadal Climate Change Study

ABOUT PODX: This research aims at understanding the dynamics controlling decadal variability in the Pacific Ocean and its interactions with global-scale climate change. The first goal is to assess how the dynamics and statistics of the El Niño Southern Oscillation and the modes of Pacific decadal variability are represented in global climate models used in the IPCC. The second goal is to quantify how decadal dynamics are projected to change under continued greenhouse forcing, and  determine their significance in the context of paleo-proxy reconstruction of long-term climate.

PODX 2010-2014

PIs: E. Di Lorenzo, K. Cobb, N. Schneider, B.T. Anderson & D. Vimont

NOAA Co-PIs: M. Alexander and Matt Newman

FINAL Report  - [ PDF ]

Central Pacific El Niño influences decadal variability in the North Pacific - [ PDF ]

Di Lorenzo et al., 2010, Nature Geoscience


Paleo-proxy suggest that ENSO variance is increasing under climate change  - [ PDF ]

Cobb et al., 2013, Science

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